how i talk to myself when i’m anxious

As someone who suffers deeply from anxiety and super intense panic attacks–suffers as you would from an affliction, not an attitude–it affects my life in a variety of very damaging ways, and often leaves me feeling as if I’m totally dysfunctional, which in turn causes more anxiety. A lot of the coping mechanisms in my […]

practice does not mean failure

Before I say anything else, may I just interject? Ouch. Seriously, though. Ouch. My pride. My head. My lungs. My throat. In that order, I reckon. Just what’d I do this time? I tried to quit smoking cold turkey. Big whoop. All it takes to ease that particular anxiety and solvet that problem is a […]

how i deal with my anxious mornings

the coffee’s kinda cold n old today The above picture is provided courtesy of Mighty Mouse, who fricken loves his selfies. Okay, I’m lyin. I took the picture of the cat. Unfortunately, we just don’t live in a world where we have cats capable of operating cameras, which I really don’t think is a cat […]

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